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How We Optimize Our Website For Vacation Rental Search

Friday, April 2nd, 2010 by

When marketing First Vacation Rental subscriptions, we advertise that our site, along with each owner’s listing, will be optimized for search so that vacationers can easily find rentals.  One of the most frequently asked questions is “How do you optimize your site?” and “What does that mean?”  Both are good questions that deserve thoughtful answers.

We are noticing that vacationers renting homes from online directories are often originating from Google through its search engine.  Many of our pages are designed to be placed in the top search results for certain search terms.  This helps attract vacationers  to our website who are searching for Wellfleet or Cape Cod information through Google.

There are two ways we use Google to get these searchers onto our rental listing pages.  The first is by buying advertising space for popular searches that vacationers make.  When searching for “Wellfleet vacation rentals,” “Cape Cod cottages,” or “Marconi Beach rental,” our ad will often appear in a section of the page right above the search results.  Our ad is displayed for over 100 different Wellfleet-specific search terms. Our ad is also displayed during some more general Cape Cod seach queries such as “Cape Cod summer vacation.”

Wellfleet Ad

This is one of our Wellfleet ads. Most of our ads are specifically targeted to Wellfleet.

The second way we optimize with Google is by building pages on our website that will naturally find themselves among the top search results over time.  For example, if you search for “Indian Neck Beach Wellfleet” our page about Indian Neck is on the first page.  Once searchers end up on this page about Indian Neck Beach they can see nearby vacation rentals.  There aren’t a huge number of people searching for Indian Neck Beach in Google; in fact, we only get about one hit a day from that search.  Although that may seem small at first, it adds up quickly because we have over 100 pages about Cape Cod beaches, restaurants, and other Wellfleet activities.  Factoring in all of our pages, the hits start to add up.

Indian neck beach google search

First Vacation Rental is the first result when searching Google for Indian Neck Beach in Wellfleet.

About 70% of our Google visitors find our site by searching for specific terms like Indian Neck Beach.  The other 30% come from clicking our advertisements.

We make sure to get all of our Wellfleet vacation rentals into Google’s database.  We do this by making sure that each one of our rental pages complies with the search engine’s guidelines.  Also, we provide Google with the information it needs to best index the listings into the search results.  Here are some tips for vacation home owners to help drive traffic to listings pages.

Our software provides all of the necessary tools and methods for attracting vacation searchers from Google.  Of course, until you list your rental on the internet, Google won’t know about it.  Once you’ve listed your rental, there are a few things you can do to help vacationers find it. For more information on this subject, check our our articles on:

Naming Your Vacation Rental

How To Drive Traffic To Your Vacation Rental

Drive traffic to your vacation listing

Friday, November 13th, 2009 by

Using Search Engines to Your Advantage

1vr-seo-graphFirst Vacation Rental receives a lot of its traffic from Google.  In fact, about 70% of our new visitors come directly from Google searches.  These visitors are potential vacationers searching for a rental on the Cape, usually near a popular Wellfleet destination such as a beach or pond.

Our most popular searches include the following terms:

  • Wellfleet vacation rentals
  • Indian Neck Beach
  • Bound Brook Island

How to Get These Vacationers to Your Listing

The easiest way to get these searching vacationers to your listing is to provide them with information they might be searching for.  If your rental is on a beach, provide information about that beach.  The First Vacation Rental listing service gives you a lengthy description field to write anything you want about your rental and the surrounding area.

Here are some guidelines on how to use the description field to effectively lure internet searchers:

  1. Include a couple of sentences that describe the popular destinations that are close to your rental.  Beaches, town centers, and any activities for kids are great topics to write about.  Remember to include how far these destinations are from your rental with terms like ‘walking distance’ or ‘short drive’.  Vacationers may be searching for these terms in Google, Yahoo, or Bing as they look for a summer vacation rental. As an added benefit, the more information you provide to vacationers to pique their interest, the more likely they will be to inquire about your listing.
  2. Write as much as you can about your property.  A few sentences describing the property’s location in Wellfleet and how beautiful Wellfleet and Cape Cod are in the summer months will go a long way in driving traffic.  Search engines love text, so the more you write about your property, the higher your listing will appear in their search results.
  3. Like most Cape Cod property owners, you’ve probably vacationed on the Cape a few times.  And over the years, you may have learned helpful tips about the area surrounding your rental.  It’s a good idea be to pass that information along to any vacationers who are browsing your listing.  List your favorite restaurants and shops in town.  Provide any insights you have about parking at the popular beaches that vacationers need to drive to.  Remember, you’re an expert when it comes to the area around your property, and vacationers will find your advice very valuable.

But Don’t Overdo It

Providing information on the area immediately surrounding your rental is a great idea, but describing every destination on Cape Cod is just too much.  There’s no need to list all the beaches in your town– set a limit of 4 or 5 destinations to talk about.  Also, try to stick to destinations that you’re familiar with and can really give great advice about.

Let Us Help

First Vacation Rental has a lot of experience when it comes to writing content about Wellfleet and Cape Cod.  Feel free to bounce ideas off us, or have us review your listing page or help you write a description about your property.